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The south African city of Harding has 69 schools all suburbs and townships. You can review the schools summary below or for a full prifule on any school you can click on the links below. To refine the results by specialisation or by phase please use the links to you right-hand side to view the results.
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Schools to browse in Harding
School Name Suburb / Township Phase Specialisation
Albert SRietvleiIntermediate SchoolOrdinary
Bonginceba Sp SchoolUmzimkuluPrimary SchoolOrdinary
Deepdale Pjs SchoolDeepdale AaCombined SchoolOrdinary
Dovedale Js SchoolUmzimkuluCombined SchoolOrdinary
Ecekeza SSantombeSecondary SchoolOrdinary
Egugwini Js SchoolUmzimkuluCombined SchoolOrdinary
Ekhuza PKwadumisaPrimary SchoolOrdinary
Ekuzameni PRietvleiPrimary SchoolOrdinary
Elukolweni Js SchoolUmzimkuluCombined SchoolOrdinary
EmaweleniHardingCombined SchoolOrdinary
Emjalisweni PRietvleiPrimary SchoolOrdinary
Emzinhlanga PRietvleiPrimary SchoolOrdinary
Enyandeni PRietvleiPrimary SchoolOrdinary
Esivivaneni PRietvleiPrimary SchoolOrdinary
Gabhamanzi PSantombePrimary SchoolOrdinary
Gayiga PRietvleiPrimary SchoolOrdinary
Ginyiqhinga Senior Secondary SchoolRietvleiSecondary SchoolOrdinary
Give Hope PublicWezaPrimary SchoolOrdinary
Hafuleni SsRietvleiSecondary SchoolOrdinary
Harding P (gundrift Rd)HardingPrimary SchoolOrdinary
Harding SHardingCombined SchoolOrdinary
Harding State Aided P (field St)HardingPrimary SchoolOrdinary
Ikhwezilamachi PRietvleiPrimary SchoolOrdinary
Imfundwenhle PRietvleiPrimary SchoolOrdinary
Incabhela PRietvleiPrimary SchoolOrdinary
Inkanyezi Yamachi PRietvleiPrimary SchoolOrdinary
Jamengweni PUmkangalaPrimary SchoolOrdinary
Jolwayo SRietvleiSecondary SchoolOrdinary
Kubhudlu PRietvleiPrimary SchoolOrdinary
Kwamphikwa PRietvleiPrimary SchoolOrdinary
Lenkasi JsBashaweniIntermediate SchoolOrdinary
Machi PRietvleiPrimary SchoolOrdinary
Mageba PEndloviniPrimary SchoolOrdinary
Mahelane SKwambotholotrSecondary SchoolOrdinary
Mahobe Js SchoolUmzimkuluPrimary SchoolOrdinary
Malevane SKwambothoSecondary SchoolOrdinary
Maqakala PHardingPrimary SchoolOrdinary
Marshmount PKwambothoPrimary SchoolOrdinary
Masakhane Jp SchoolKwamemekaPrimary SchoolOrdinary
Mbambuya PNkomeniPrimary SchoolOrdinary
Mbangweni PHardingPrimary SchoolOrdinary
Mbeleni PHardingPrimary SchoolOrdinary
Mbonwa SHardingSecondary SchoolOrdinary
Mbusi HNqabeniSecondary SchoolOrdinary
Mdlangathi SRietvleiSecondary SchoolOrdinary
Mdulashi JsRietvleiSecondary SchoolOrdinary
Mjika PRietvleiPrimary SchoolOrdinary
Mkhandi PIzingolweniPrimary SchoolOrdinary
Mkhoba PRietvleiPrimary SchoolOrdinary
Mshiywa PRietvleiPrimary SchoolOrdinary
Nciya CRietvleiIntermediate SchoolOrdinary
Nciya JsKwapeshuSecondary SchoolOrdinary
Ntaba PRietvleiPrimary SchoolOrdinary
Sakhayedwa JpKwadumisaPrimary SchoolOrdinary
Salem PRietvleiPrimary SchoolOrdinary
Samaria Js SchoolUmzimkuluCombined SchoolOrdinary
Sehole CHardingCombined SchoolOrdinary
Siyaphambili SRietvleiSecondary SchoolOrdinary
Siyephu PKwajijintabaPrimary SchoolOrdinary
Sonwabile Sp SchoolUmzimkuluPrimary SchoolOrdinary
St Theresa P (harding)RietvleiPrimary SchoolOrdinary
Sutton PRietvleiPrimary SchoolOrdinary
Tex Nybert Js SchoolUmzimkuluCombined SchoolOrdinary
Tshaka's Sp SchoolUmzimkuluPrimary SchoolOrdinary
Umzimkhulu PSabelweniPrimary SchoolOrdinary
Zamokuhle Jp SchoolUmzimkuluPrimary SchoolOrdinary
Zimema PBashaweniPrimary SchoolOrdinary
Zuzicebo HHardingSecondary SchoolOrdinary
Zwelinzima Ss SchoolUmzimkuluSecondary SchoolOrdinary

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