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The south African city of Dennilton has 37 schools all suburbs and townships. You can review the schools summary below or for a full prifule on any school you can click on the links below. To refine the results by specialisation or by phase please use the links to you right-hand side to view the results.
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Schools to browse in Dennilton
School Name Suburb / Township Phase Specialisation
Bantwane Primary SchoolDenniltonPrimary SchoolOrdinary
Dibathuto Secondary SchoolMotetiSecondary SchoolOrdinary
Dithamaga Secondary SchoolDenniltonSecondary SchoolOrdinary
Hosia Aphane Primary SchoolWalkraalaCombined SchoolOrdinary
Kaitswe Primary SchoolKgobokwaneCombined SchoolOrdinary
Kenneth Masekela PrimaryTafelkopPrimary SchoolOrdinary
Lehlagare Primary SchoolKuilsrivierPrimary SchoolOrdinary
Lehwelere Primary SchoolNaganengCombined SchoolOrdinary
Lusaka Primary SchoolLusaka VillagePrimary SchoolTo Be Updated
Lusaka Primary SchoolLusakaPrimary SchoolOrdinary
Magate Leope Primary SchoolMphelengPrimary SchoolOrdinary
Mamphokgo PrimaryDenniltonPrimary SchoolOrdinary
Marapong Primary SchoolDenniltonPrimary SchoolOrdinary
Matshiphe Primary SchoolTenmorganPrimary SchoolOrdinary
Mohlabetsi Secondary SchoolFive MorganSecondary SchoolOrdinary
Mohlako Primary SchoolMotetiPrimary SchoolOrdinary
Moilanong Matsepe PrimaryMgababavillagePrimary SchoolOrdinary
Montsosabosego PrimaryDenniltonPrimary SchoolOrdinary
Moteti Primary SchoolSoetmelkfontein BPrimary SchoolOrdinary
Mpheleng Primary SchoolSondagsfonteinPrimary SchoolOrdinary
Mzimhlophe PrimaryGroblersdalPrimary SchoolOrdinary
Ndendeka HighGroblersdalSecondary SchoolOrdinary
Ngwanakwena SecondaryDenniltonSecondary SchoolArts, Drama, Music & Ballet
Ngwato-a-mphela Public SchoolDenniltonSecondary SchoolOrdinary
Nkadimeng Primary SchoolMotetiPrimary SchoolOrdinary
Ntota Primary SchoolFive MorganIntermediate SchoolOrdinary
Ntshoeng PrimaryStinkwaterPrimary SchoolOrdinary
Rahlagane Primary SchoolMathlala Lewelere VillagePrimary SchoolOrdinary
Ramatsetse Primary SchoolWalkraalbPrimary SchoolOrdinary
Ramokhutlwane Primary SchoolTenmorganPrimary SchoolOrdinary
Ramonokane Primary SchoolUitspanning BhagkadimengPrimary SchoolOrdinary
Sebakanaga Secondary SchoolSondagsfonteinSecondary SchoolCommercial
Slovo Park Primary SchoolDenniltonPrimary SchoolOrdinary
Supatsela Primary SchoolPhumulaPrimary SchoolOrdinary
Tadimane Secondary SchoolWalkraalbSecondary SchoolOrdinary
Thejane Secondary SchoolKirkvorsfonteinSecondary SchoolOrdinary
Thlako Combined SchoolMotetiSecondary SchoolOrdinary

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