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The south African city of Uitenhage has 59 schools all suburbs and townships. You can review the schools summary below or for a full prifule on any school you can click on the links below. To refine the results by specialisation or by phase please use the links to you right-hand side to view the results.
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Schools to browse in Uitenhage
School Name Suburb / Township Phase Specialisation
Alex Jayiya P SchoolKwa Nobuhle 2Primary SchoolOrdinary
Amanzi P SchoolUitenhage FarmsPrimary SchoolOrdinary
Ankervas P SchoolUitenhage FarmsPrimary SchoolOrdinary
Bontrug Sp SchoolKirkwoodPrimary SchoolOrdinary
Caledon Preparatory SchoolWinterhoekPrimary SchoolOrdinary
Caritas P SchoolRosedalePrimary SchoolOrdinary
College Hill Prep SchoolJanssendalPrimary SchoolOrdinary
Dalrose P SchoolRosedalePrimary SchoolOrdinary
Daniel Pienaar Tech High SchoolMoselSecondary SchoolTechnical
Dower Practising SchoolJubilee ParkPrimary SchoolOrdinary
Fountain Of Life Christian SchoolKwazakele 3Combined SchoolOrdinary
Gamble Street Sec SchoolRiversideSecondary SchoolOrdinary
Glenconner (ucc)GlenconnerPrimary SchoolOrdinary
Handhaaf P SchoolJanssendalPrimary SchoolOrdinary
Hoërskool BrandwagMoselSecondary SchoolOrdinary
Hombakazi P SchoolKwa Nobuhle 4Primary SchoolOrdinary
Ilinge P SchoolKwa LangaPrimary SchoolOrdinary
Jntulwana Jp SchoolKwanobuhlePrimary SchoolOrdinary
James Ndulula P SchoolUitenhagePrimary SchoolOrdinary
Johan Hus (mor) P SchoolHumansdorpPrimary SchoolOrdinary
John Walton S SchoolUitenhageSecondary SchoolOrdinary
Jubilee Park P SchoolGerald SmithPrimary SchoolOrdinary
Kruisrivier P SchoolUitenhage FarmsPrimary SchoolOrdinary
Laerskool InnesEric DoddPrimary SchoolOrdinary
Limekhaya High SchoolLangaSecondary SchoolOrdinary
Little Flower P SchoolWinterhoekPrimary SchoolOrdinary
Magqabi P SchoolKwa Nobuhle 4Primary SchoolOrdinary
Marymount Ss SchoolMoselSecondary SchoolOrdinary
Mccarthy Comprehensive SchoolUitenhageSecondary SchoolComprehensive
Melumzi P SchoolKwa Nobuhle 7Primary SchoolOrdinary
Mjuleni Jp SchoolKwa Nobuhle 3Primary SchoolOrdinary
Mlungisi Perfector Ss SchoolKwa Nobuhle 3Secondary SchoolOrdinary
Mngcunube P SchoolKwa Nobuhle 2Primary SchoolOrdinary
Molly Blackburn Ss SchoolKwanobuhleSecondary SchoolOrdinary
Mqhayi Sp SchoolKwanobuhlePrimary SchoolOrdinary
Muir College Boys High SchoolVanes EstateCombined SchoolOrdinary
Nkululeko Public S SchoolKwanobuhleSecondary SchoolOrdinary
Nokwezi P SchoolKwa Nobuhle 8Primary SchoolOrdinary
Noninzi Luzipho Primary SchoolGunguluzaPrimary SchoolOrdinary
Nosipho P SchoolKwa Nobuhle 7Primary SchoolOrdinary
Ntlemeza P SchoolKwa Nobuhle 2Primary SchoolOrdinary
Palmietrivier P SchoolDist UitenhagePrimary SchoolOrdinary
Phaphani S SchoolKwa Nobuhle 7Secondary SchoolOrdinary
Phindubuye P SchoolKwa Nobuhle 7Primary SchoolOrdinary
Rhgodlo Sp SchoolKwa Nobuhle 3Primary SchoolOrdinary
Riebeek College Girls' High SchoolJanssendalCombined SchoolOrdinary
Rocklands Intermediate Farm SchoolUitenhage FarmsCombined SchoolOrdinary
Rudolf Balie P SchoolUitenhage FarmsPrimary SchoolOrdinary
Seagull P SchoolMcnaughtonPrimary SchoolOrdinary
Sisonke Ss SchoolUitenhageSecondary SchoolOrdinary
St Joseph's (rc) P SchoolBlikkiesdorpPrimary SchoolOrdinary
Strelitzia High SchoolFairbridge HeightsSecondary SchoolOrdinary
Uitenhage Convent Rc P SchoolCentralPrimary SchoolOrdinary
Uitenhage P SchoolThomas GamblePrimary SchoolOrdinary
Uitenhage Sec SchoolJubilee ParkSecondary SchoolOrdinary
Vmkwinana Ss SchoolUitenhageSecondary SchoolOrdinary
Vérité P SchoolMountain ViewCombined SchoolOrdinary
Wincanton Farm SchoolUitenhage FarmsPrimary SchoolOrdinary
Winterberg P SchoolUitenhagePrimary SchoolOrdinary

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