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The south African city of Pongola has 56 schools all suburbs and townships. You can review the schools summary below or for a full prifule on any school you can click on the links below. To refine the results by specialisation or by phase please use the links to you right-hand side to view the results.
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Schools to browse in Pongola
School Name Suburb / Township Phase Specialisation
Amanzabomvu LpKlipwal Road BongaspoortPrimary SchoolOrdinary
Bambanani HBelgradeSecondary SchoolOrdinary
Bongaspoort JpSibiya Tribal AuthorityPrimary SchoolOrdinary
Cottlands IntermidiatePongolaPrimary SchoolOrdinary
Dingukwazi SsKwalubisiSecondary SchoolOrdinary
Dumenkungwini PMkhwakhweniPrimary SchoolOrdinary
Dwaleni HNcotshane LocationSecondary SchoolOrdinary
Dwarsrand PLouwsburgCombined SchoolOrdinary
Empakama PublicNtshangase Tribal AuthorityPrimary SchoolOrdinary
Enhlanhleni SWaterbus AreaSecondary SchoolOrdinary
Itshelejuba PHighlandPrimary SchoolOrdinary
Jabulisani PPongolaPrimary SchoolOrdinary
Khalanyoni PHohobaPrimary SchoolOrdinary
Khiphunyawo HpSibiya AuthorityPrimary SchoolOrdinary
Khulumeluzulu HNtshangase TribalSecondary SchoolOrdinary
Kwa Mlimisi CpKwashobaPrimary SchoolOrdinary
Kwa Mphatha PLouwsburgPrimary SchoolOrdinary
Lalela FinishingBelgradeSecondary SchoolOrdinary
Lalela HpBelgradePrimary SchoolOrdinary
Langa JsBelgradeSecondary SchoolOrdinary
Magadlela JpNcotsheniPrimary SchoolOrdinary
Maguduberg PMaguduPrimary SchoolOrdinary
Magutshwa HKwashobaSecondary SchoolOrdinary
Manyandeni PNdlangamandla Tribal AuthorityPrimary SchoolOrdinary
Masiphula HighMagengeeniSecondary SchoolOrdinary
Masithokoze CpMagengeniPrimary SchoolOrdinary
Mbhekwa HEmadanyiniSecondary SchoolOrdinary
Mboloba PMbolobaPrimary SchoolOrdinary
Mgazini Lower PNcotshane TownshipPrimary SchoolOrdinary
Mgulwane PCandova AreaPrimary SchoolOrdinary
Mkhaya PMkhayeni AreaPrimary SchoolOrdinary
Mlomokazulu SsKwalubisiSecondary SchoolOrdinary
Mnyame PEmadanyiniPrimary SchoolOrdinary
Mthawenga PMaguduPrimary SchoolOrdinary
Ncotshane SpNcotsheniPrimary SchoolOrdinary
Nkonzweni PKwanyalizaPrimary SchoolOrdinary
Ophongolo HNcotshaneSecondary SchoolOrdinary
Ozweni PEmdoniniPrimary SchoolOrdinary
Phenyane CPongolaCombined SchoolOrdinary
Phondwane PPhongolaPrimary SchoolOrdinary
Pongola AkademiePongolaCombined SchoolOrdinary
Qambushilo LpKhiphumyawoPrimary SchoolOrdinary
Sibiyangankomo PSibiya Tribal AuthorityPrimary SchoolOrdinary
Sibumbene HSibiya Tribal AuthoritySecondary SchoolOrdinary
Sigqamise HHighlandCombined SchoolOrdinary
Simunye PNcotshanePrimary SchoolOrdinary
Sinothando JpNcotshanePrimary SchoolOrdinary
Siyazenzela HpHighlandPrimary SchoolOrdinary
Siyethemba PWaterbusPrimary SchoolOrdinary
Sizamile JpMsibi Tribal AuthorityPrimary SchoolOrdinary
Somile HMsibi/sibiya Tribal AuthoritySecondary SchoolOrdinary
Tholulwazi SpKwalubisiPrimary SchoolOrdinary
Ugu PDeckvillyPrimary SchoolOrdinary
Umgnama CombinedEvutshiniCombined SchoolOrdinary
Valleyside PKwampondo AreaPrimary SchoolOrdinary
Vimbemshini CpNtumbane TrustPrimary SchoolOrdinary

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