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The south African city of Scottburgh has 19 schools all suburbs and townships. You can review the schools summary below or for a full prifule on any school you can click on the links below. To refine the results by specialisation or by phase please use the links to you right-hand side to view the results.
Current Location:
Choose Province - Choose City in Kwa-Zulu Natal - Scottburgh
Nearby Areas:
Umzinto - Umkomaas - Sezela - Parkrynie - Ubuhlebezwe

Schools to browse in Scottburgh
School Name Suburb / Township Phase Specialisation
Amandawe JpAmandawePrimary SchoolOrdinary
Celokuhle SpScottburgh SouthPrimary SchoolOrdinary
Ewubwini Combined PImfumePrimary SchoolOrdinary
Gugulesizwe SAmandaweSecondary SchoolOrdinary
Himmelberg IntUmzintoCombined SchoolOrdinary
Kwamaquza JpScottburgh SouthPrimary SchoolOrdinary
Mahlashana SpAmandawePrimary SchoolOrdinary
Mncindo JsScottburgh SouthSecondary SchoolOrdinary
Mtwalume PMtwalumePrimary SchoolOrdinary
Ntontonto JpScottburgh SouthPrimary SchoolOrdinary
Nungwane PIllovoPrimary SchoolOrdinary
Olwasini JpUmkomaasPrimary SchoolOrdinary
Sanywana HighScottburgh SouthSecondary SchoolOrdinary
Scottburgh HScottburgSecondary SchoolOrdinary
Scottburgh PScottburgPrimary SchoolOrdinary
Shonkweni JpScottburgh SouthPrimary SchoolOrdinary
Sizathina JsScottburgh SouthSecondary SchoolOrdinary
Zembeni SpScottburgh SouthPrimary SchoolOrdinary
Zithokozise HScottburgh SouthSecondary SchoolOrdinary

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